How to prepare for cuet for Guaranteed Success in 2023

How to prepare for cuet for Guaranteed Success in 2023

How to prepare for CUET 2023 for Guaranteed Success

The CUET (Common University Entrance Test) has marked a significant change in the way that
inequalities in the way that different certification boards within the country distribute marks are
eliminated. The test seeks to give students from various social groups and geographic areas a “level
so they can continue further education at the college of their preference. Candidates
They must be acquainted with the best CUET Preparations and Exam Approache if they want their effort to be successful. Candidates need to work hard and put a lot of effort at every stage and learn properly in this article “How to prepare for CUET”.

The CUET preparation advice and strategy are created using the latest coursework and
pattern. The CUET preparation is anticipated to be a challenge for most applicants. It covers a
wide range of themes and problems, many of which are different in some way. Applicants for the
CUET preparation should maintain a strict study schedule as the assessment is currently taking place. 

How to prepare for cucet

Tips for CUET Preparation

Assess the CUET Curriculum – Students should review the syllabus for each topic they plan to
take in the examination after reviewing the pattern. You cannot plan the most effective exam plan if
you lack the necessary topical information. Students can create a study plan around the subjects and
get the intended result if they have a thorough understanding of the CUET curriculum.

Maintain Your Concentration – Students must follow their study strategy for CUET preparations and put off all non-essential activities until after the test. You need to cut back on your internet video and online
networking exposure. Students will have ample time to complete all these tasks after the

Await the result – Don’t rush for the outcome – CUET preparations require time. To get the desired
outcome, one must wait for a specific amount of time. Due to minor obstacles, one must maintain
composure. Maintain your composure and follow your study strategy. Don’t overthink things or put
yourself under stress. It can compromise test performance.

Practice and resolve questions from previous years – After understanding the ideas, it’s crucial to
practice the exercises. To learn the pitfalls in CUET preparations, students must take the practice
exams and examine the prior year’s exams. Applicants can adjust CUET preparations by being aware of
of the sorts, quantity, and degree of questions that will be asked. It will increase the personality and
get individuals ready for the actual test.

Most candidates who are doing CUET preparations move on to the second topic after finishing the courses and answering the brief questions. The worst error to avoid is this. To stay current on the material, incorporate a revised day in your study schedule. Before the test, review at least 3—4 times.

Preparation Tips for Section I (Language)

The first segment of the CUET preparations is devoted to language-related topics. The applicants

who are present can choose from a total of around 32 different languages. The preparation advice
for section I of the CUET preparations is provided below because this entire part covers a sizable variety of nations that are diverse in both their nature and how to study.

It is crucial to have a basic comprehension of the language’s script before studying any language-
related material. This requires one to be well-versed in the texts written in that language and to be
aware of the minute intricacies. For instance, the distinction between a semicolon and a comma in
the English language.

The syntax and literature of that specific language make up the next crucial component. Every
language has its own grammar, in both terms of verbal and written usage. Additionally, one must be
well in this with the aid of excellent literature written by renowned authors, etc.

The emphasis should be on developing reading comprehension abilities. It is identified by the NTA
as the main exam subject for Section-I, to further enhance one’s preparation and finally, go into the
a framework of Section.

Verbal Skills (English domain subject)

  • Use books or videos to strengthen your vocabulary.
  • Get more knowledge
  • To achieve high reading comprehension scores, read a lot.
  • Keep a notebook nearby to jot down key expressions.
  • Take many sectional exams.
  • Consider getting a periodical as well to sharpen up on the reading skills.
  • Use exam papers from previous years to keep track of shifting exam patterns.
  • Practice speaking English to improve your verbal abilities.

Section II (Domain Subjects)

Domain subjects or subject-specific subjects make up Section 2 of the exam and are designed to
meet the requirements of particular programs for that students may take the exam and enroll in
various universities. The CUET preparations curriculum for the candidate’s chosen domain subject must
be examined first for domain subjects (s). it is essential to assess whether there are enough online
resources to prepare that focus area. Many sources, including NCERT books, YouTube
videos, and a wealth of other types of content in various forms are likely to be accessible for more
courses offered like Science and Commerce. Publications are ideal for less well-known themes
because many online media should not be accessible.

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NCERT books must be given preference for the more well-known series of domain subjects
because NTA has also documented them as the study guide for the CUET 2022 exam.
Applicants are urged to take notations outside of studying from the NCERT books in a hard copy
notepad or an MS Word doc (whatever is most appropriate) so they won’t have to refer to their
books often. Additionally, they must think about reviewing the MCQ variation topics that have been
posed in previous CBSE Class XII exams. For a huge number of MCQ questions for preparation
and ability testing, class XII exam-based sample paper packs that also offer a library of MCQ
questions must be consulted.

Section 3 (General Test)

The general intelligence exam that most universities tended to administer in the past for their most
general types of courses, such as lessons in management, vocational areas, administration, etc., is
precise what section 3 for CUET preparations is. This part covers four topics: logical thinking, general awareness, current events, and numerical aptitude. Although the names of some sections that make up the general test have changed, the test’s subject should e remain the same.

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Some other tips for the subjects:-

  • Start off the study with mathematics
  • Improve mathematical abilities.
  • Use a limited number of sources at once.
  • Be sure to discuss pertinent issues and ask pertinent questions.
  • Learn how to use mind maps to answer particular kinds of problems.
  • Make a list of all crucial formulas and unique queries in a notebook
  • Start with fundamental subjects like number missing, decoding, etc.
  • Investigate mental maps and newspaper crossword puzzles.
  • After mastering basic reasoning, learn logical reasoning.
  • During preparation, answer more challenging questions.
  • To be well-versed, examine questions from previous years.
  • Additionally, pay attention to the diverse range of reasoning questions.
  • Special consideration must be given to questions requiring abstract reasoning, such as
    symbol puzzles or visual logic.
  • Keep updated with current affairs.
  • Avoid doing too many things at once
  • Do research the current events:
  • Concentrate more on regional and international events.
  • Pay close attention to COVID-19-related news because certain inquiries from it are


Q. What should one avoid doing when preparing for the CUET?

A. During one’s preparations, an individual should not be intimidated by the vast number of
information that is essential to be prepared. Additionally, one should avoid having too much faith in
their ability to pass the CUET exam.

Q. How many hours should one set aside for CUET preparation?

A. 5 to 8 hours must be spent getting ready for the CUET. This number may increase if one is
studying an excessive number of domain subjects. It relies on the domain-specific CUET

Q. What may drop-year students and repeaters anticipate from CUET Preparation 2022?

A. Drop-year students must be aware that they have already made the decision to move their
professional trajectory back one year in order to accomplish something they are passionate about.
They must therefore put extra effort into making their dropping year an achievement to avoid
having to take another drop year.

Q. What might candidates expect in the GK and CA sections of the CUET 2022?

A. GK & CA is a Section-III member (General Test). It is expected that candidates will have a mix
of Static General Knowledge of significance and appropriateness and Current Affairs (with a greater
emphasis on events occurring within the Indian subcontinent).

The CUET exam is easier than any other exam because it only covers the material covered in Class 12. In comparison to any other government exam, the difficulty level of questions in CUET will be easy to moderate. So, if you have a basic understanding of subjects such as math, English, reasoning, and general knowledge, you should be able to pass the exam with flying colors.

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