UGC said, there will be 25 percent extra seats for these students, will not have to give CUET exam

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Latest News and Updates on CUET Exam for Foreign Students

25% more seats can now be provided for overseas students seeking admission to CUET Exam UG and CUET Exam PG programs at local universities, and these students won’t need to take the Indian entrance exam. The number of seats available for international students to enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs at universities and other higher learning institutions in the nation has increased by 25%, and they will no longer be required to take the Indian entrance exam. I must give This data was provided by the University Grants Commission (UGC). According to UGC officials, a decision was made in this regard during the University Grants Commission meeting last week on the “Internationalization of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs in India.”

The concerned higher education institutions (HEIs) shall decide on the additional seats for the CUET Exam, which will be established in excess of the overall capacity that has been authorized, taking into account the infrastructure, faculty, and other requirements as well as any unique guidelines.

Indian higher education institutions may admit international students based on their admissions criteria, according to UGC President Jagdish Kumar, who spoke to PTI. The UGC, any organization connected to the UGC, or the appropriate regulatory agency for such purposes will determine the equivalency. He claimed that institutes of higher learning might use a straightforward admissions procedure to admit foreign students for CUET Exam.
According to Kumar, higher education institutions may add an additional 25% of the total number of seats authorized for international student enrollment in their undergraduate and graduate programs. According to him, the choice to add 25% more seats will be made while considering the infrastructure, teacher shortage, and other needs of the higher education institutions, as well as special criteria.
The extra seats are not available to overseas students who are taking part in student exchange programs between institutions or under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Government of India and another nation.

International students holding foreign passports will get the benefit in CUET Exam

These seats, according to officials, would only be available to overseas students applying to undergraduate and graduate programs. If a seat in this additional category is still available, no other international student will be given that seat. In this context, he claimed, international students would be those who held passports from other countries. In professional and technical institutions, he noted, additional seats will be governed by the relevant legal agencies. The websites of higher education institutions will have information about each program’s availability of seats for overseas students, the enrolling procedure, the requirements for eligibility for the CUET Exam, etc.

The Ministry of External Affairs reports that 23,439 international students visited India in 2021. However, prior to the Corona pandemic, this number was greater. 75,000 international students come to India in 2019 to seek higher education.

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