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What is Advanced Accounting?

ADVANCED ACCOUNTING covers accounting operations, patterns, mergers of public holding companies, foreign currency operations, and changing financial statements prepared in foreign and local currencies. Advanced accounting also includes a variety of advanced financial accounting issues such as lease contracts, pension funds, end-of-service severance payments, etc.

How to study CA Inter Advanced Accounting?

  1. Make the list by categorizing the important and lengthy chapters in one list and those that are small and can be easily prepared in another. You can easily prepare by making the sections and then prioritizing them as per their importance and length.
  1. The first topic that you should select in advanced accounting is those that fall in the category of 25-30 marks questions. Prepare them first since they can take up to 30% marks in your exam.
  1. Now you can pick up the questions that have a value of 35-40 marks. The company accounts topics are easy in comparison to partnership accounts. You can pick them based on topic preferences. You can take Issues and Redemption of debentures, liquidation of companies, amalgamation, and internal reconstruction, ESOPs, etc.
  1. Now when you are done with the above tasks you can take up the other topics that contain 15-20 marks at maximum. Go through the problems and prepare them by solving them not just by revising. Prepare from the previous years' papers and also give CA inter mock test papers.

The significant role of coaching for CA Inter is to help students to clear the exams with good scores:

Dedicated study Schedule A dedicated study schedule is a key to success. As we all know that if we are punctual in anything, we can earn it, so the same thing applies here. We need to make a TIME TABLE for studies, and we need to follow it religiously.  Regular studies with proper practice and revisions are required to pass the exams in 1 go. Practice MTPs/RTPs/Past year Question papers Once students' course is completed, they are advised to practice. Practicing shall include answering questions of MTPs, RTPs & past year question papers. This gives you a practice of writing answers in examination and also provides clear data of how much you are comprehending the course. Then comes the role of Revising the course.

Revision of Course

We shall always make a habit to mark all areas. which are difficult to understand and areas that are important for examination, for future revisions. After you have completed your course and tried practicing the MTPs, RTPs & past year question papers, you shall now again open your books classes & revise all marked things again. 3 revisions before exams should be the prime aim.

Positive Attitude

We all efforts, and we shall not lose hope/ positive attitude. All efforts are doubled if done with a positive attitude.

CA Inter Account (About Course)

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business. (CA Inter Accounts). The accounting process includes summarizing, analyzing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities. The financial statements used in accounting are a concise summary of financial transactions. Over an accounting period, summarizing a company’s operations, financial position, and cash flows.

Types of Accounting


Professional accountants follow a set of standards known as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) when preparing financial statements.

CA Inter Account Faculty By CA Sudarshan Agrawal


Sudarshan Agarwal has been in the profession of coaching CA aspirants, ever since he became a qualified Chartered Accountant in the year 1995. He has been a mentor to thousands of students in the past two decades.

He is credit with producing a maximum number of rank holders, including AIR -1 (IPC & Final) from Eastern India.

His former students are well place in various companies, including MNCs, banks, and big 4 audit firms across the globe. In his career, spanning over 21 years, he must have taught over 50000 students in Face to Face mode in Kolkata.

He takes classes for Accounting (both groups) and Financial Management at the IPCC levels and Financial Reporting at the Final level. Many of his students have been settle in the 1-10 positions in ICAI examinations.

He is familiar and accept for his communication skills and student-friendly approach to teaching. His two decades-long experience and techniques ensure that all students, irrespective of their academic background, feel comfortable in the classroom.

He is also familiar as one of the first few to use technology for imparting lessons to students in the last decade. In response to popular demand from students in cities other than Kolkata, he has been offering video classes to students across India for the past three years.

In Kolkata classes are record using latest available High technology and are provide to centres all across India.

The classes is design very simple that all possible queries and doubts are take up in the lectures. In case there are any such academic queries of the student. There are various means of handling the same like WhatsApp, a dedicate query portal, direct interaction with sir, etc.

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About The Course – (Advance Accounts CA Inter)

Best Faculty For Advance Accounts CA Inter ( CA CS Jitin Tyagi)

Advance Accounts CA Inter

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About The Course – (CA Inter Advance Accounting)

The Course contains e-learning lectures covering Advanced concepts in Accounting. In addition to detailed concepts of Company Accounts and Accounting Standards, close to 100 problems and solutions taken from the Study Material provided by ICAI, past exam papers and ICAI RTPs

About – Best Faculty For CA Inter Advance Accounting (CA Bishnu Kedia)

CA Inter Advance Accounting
CA Inter Advance Accounting (By CA Bishnu Kedia)

MEPL Classes is India’s topmost global provider of diverse education and training programs which includes professional courses for Postgraduate or Undergraduate students. Over the years MEPL Classes have expanded all over India. It is the best CA, CS & CMA coaching institute in Kolkata and provides the best CA, CS & CMA classes all over India.

The students find the classes hard to miss because of the innovative and passionate teaching style full of positive energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm.

MEPL Classes is the most excellent for CA, CS & CMA in Kolkata for Face to Face classes and all over India for Direct to Home classes (D2H) / best Pen drive mode / best Online classes. Quality / Style of teaching is unmatchable, maximum ranks/ pass percentage is from our Institute.

All over India except Delhi because, in Delhi, classes are available in face-to-face mode.

Such as In the opinion of the students, he is one of the best teachers for Accounts & Financial Management.

The coaching is very well planned & exhaustive and also fulfills their commitment to completing the syllabus on time.

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About The Course – (Advance Accounting CA Inter)

The Course contains e-learning lectures covering Advanced concepts in Accounting. In addition to detailed concepts of Company Accounts and Accounting Standards, close to 100 problems and solutions taken from the Study Material provided by ICAI, past exam papers and ICAI RTPs

About – Best Faculty For Advance Accounting CA Inter (CA Zubair Khan)

Advance Accounting CA Inter
Advance Accounting CA Inter (By CA Zubair Khan)

As a result-driven Finance & Accounts Management Professional with 9 years of experience, I present myself as a qualified professional with an extensive background in providing critical financial data, support, and reporting to assist in critical business decisions. I have acquired expertise in managing a gamut of activities such as strategic planning & support, finance & accounts, auditing management, budgeting, forecasting & reporting, and finance best practices.

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2011. A teaching experience of more than 8 Years.Famous for his subjects Accounting (GRP1) and Advance Accounting (GRP2) at CA-Inter-Level. More specifically, students love his command of Accounting Standards.
Worked with several Multinational companies during his Articleship in Pune.
Among the very few faculties in India to hold a prestigious Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standard (London UK).
Cleared the IND AS Examination Conducted by ICAI. Apart from Nagpur, he has also conducted classes at Kochi, Calicut, Thrissur, Kannur, etc.

Conduct moderately complex audits, including drafting audit reports, presenting issues to the business, and discussing practical solutions. Utilize various analytical procedures to identify internal problems a company may have, possible corporate threats, and potential financial losses.

Drive and balance financial efficiency and leading a multi-arm financial spectrum, including developing and implementing sound financial policies, procedures, and systems. Collate and interpret accounting data to determine financial performance, organize information & communicate clearly and helpfully.

As an individual, I am a self-starter with excellent prospecting, relationship-building, and presentation skills across a diverse clientele. I am a results-driven professional with a globally immersive experience across multiple cultures and working environments and am comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

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We take immense pride in introducing ourselves as CA AJAY VERMA CLASSES, one of the oldest and leading institutes imparting valuable coaching for CA, CS, AND CMA. Popularly known as AVC, CA AJAY VERMA CLASSES was set up by CA. AJAY KUMAR VERMA in the year 1987. A commerce graduate from the esteemed Delhi University and a Chartered Accountant by profession, he initially set up INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE(IOC) which was later renamed CA AJAY VERMA CLASSES.

Our focus at Ajay Verma Classes is to provide our students with the best education and to prepare them for rewarding careers. We at AVC have the vision to provide quality education to the students with the help of professionally qualified, experienced & dedicated Faculty. The classes are conducted in a scientific and professional manner. The team of AVC bears rich experience in their subjects. The mission of AVC is to make the youth of India — competent professionals who contribute to the growth of our Nation.

The institute has a strong legacy and has been credited in the past for producing the highest number of rank holders and utmost satisfaction amongst its students. Students from all over the country travel great distances to study with us as we soar high and continue to have the highest pass percentage. Our students excel largely due to the faculty’s unique teaching methodology, commitment, and dedication. Our faculty plays an important role as a mentor and guide. Being the torchbearers our faculty strongly feels that success is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few; every student has the potential to succeed and this has to be brought to the fore through the sustained hard work of the student and the appropriate guidance. At AVC we give more emphasis on concept clarity and each and every lecture is planned and documented so as to make sure that the content delivered is standard, complete, and delivered in stipulated time.

As it is commonly said and we agree — Successful people are not born; they are made, shaped, and molded. Becoming successful is a skill and like any other skill, you can learn about it from books but you cannot have perfection without practice.

At AVC we emphasize Concept-based learning and it takes you out of the classroom into the real professional examinations.

“The magnificence of a pearl can only be appreciated when it has been prized out of oyster and polished to perfection.”

Come and learn how to be a winner at CA AJAY VERMA CLASSES.

About The Course – Advanced Accounting CA Inter

About – Best Faculty For Advanced Accounting CA Inter ( CA Vinod Kumar Agarwal )

Best Faculty For Advance Accounting CA Inter
CA Inter Faculty (CA Vinod Kumar Agarwal)

CA Vinod Kumar Agarwal

About The Course – (Advanced Accounting CA Inter)

About – Best Faculty For Advance Accounting CA Inter (CA P.S Beniwal)

Best Faculty For Advance Accounting CA Inter
CA Inter Faculty (CA P.S Beniwal)

About The Course – (Advanced Accounting CA Inter)

About – Best Faculty For Advanced Accounting CA Inter (CA Parveen Jindal)

Best Faculty For Advance Accounting CA Inter
CA Inter Faculty (CA Parveen Jindal)

About The Course – (Advance Accounting CA Inter )

About – CA Praveen Sharma (Praveen Sharma classes faculty).

CA Inter-Faculty (CA Parveen Sharma)