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About CA Kishan Kumar teacher of CA Inter Taxation

CA Inter Taxation
CA Kishan Kumar

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About CA Kishan Kumar teacher of CA Inter Taxation

CA Kishan Kumar

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About Course – CA Inter Auditing

About – Best Teacher For Audit CA Inter ( CA Aseem Trivedi )

CA Inter Audit Classes By CA Aseem Trivedi
CA Inter-Faculty ( CA Aseem Trivedi )

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About CA Ramesh Soni teacher of CA Inter GST

CA Ramesh Soni

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About The Course – Corporate and Other Laws CA Inter

About – Best Faculty For CA Inter Laws ( CS Sangeet Kedia )

CA Inter Laws Classes By CS Sangeet Kedia
CA Inter-Faculty ( CS Sangeet Kedia )

About The Course: CA Inter Audit

CA Inter Audit Best Faculty (Amit Bachhawat)

CA Inter Audit Best Faculty (Amit Bachhawat)

Amit Bachhawat, a name synonymous with quality teaching is a commerce graduate from St. Xavier’s College. A CA and CS himself, he has been teaching Law and related subjects since 2001. Having mentored over 100000 students in a career spanning 20 years he has witnessed over 200 rankholers and many successful professionals exceling in their respective fields. Also, two decades of excellence in providing CA and CS Coaching characterises Amit Bachhawat’s Training Forum. All Theory papers across all levels of CA, CS and CMA is his area of expertise.

Two decades of excellence in providing CA and CS Coaching characterises Amit Bachhawats Training Forum. All Theory papers across all levels of CA, CS and CMA is our area of expertise. Our Mantra is quite simple : Innovation and engaging teaching methodology, with latest state of the art classrooms and technology.The hard work put in by Amit Bachhawat has led to a string of success stories in the last 18 years.

We believe that the reason for our glorious track record is our “Student First” Approach.Your Professor is always a phone call away from students and not only that, in case a student misses a lecture, we make arrangements to repeat the same. Be in Kolkata or the 70 odd franchisee centres located across India we believe in excellence and quality and hence have worked very hard to achieve the same. We are overwhelmed at the response we have been receiving from our centres across India. This student centrist approach, Bachhawat Sir’s unique teaching techniques, also motivational lectures etc are a few ways by which we reciprocate the faith students repose in us.

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CA Inter Account (About Course)

Accounting is the process of recording financial transactions pertaining to a business. (CA Inter Accounts). The accounting process includes summarizing, analyzing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities. The financial statements used in accounting are a concise summary of financial transactions. Over an accounting period, summarizing a company’s operations, financial position, and cash flows.

Types of Accounting


Professional accountants follow a set of standards known as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) when preparing financial statements.

CA Inter Account Faculty By CA Sudarshan Agrawal


Sudarshan Agarwal has been in the profession of coaching CA aspirants, ever since he became a qualified Chartered Accountant in the year 1995. He has been a mentor to thousands of students in the past two decades.

He is credit with producing a maximum number of rank holders, including AIR -1 (IPC & Final) from Eastern India.

His former students are well place in various companies, including MNCs, banks, and big 4 audit firms across the globe. In his career, spanning over 21 years, he must have taught over 50000 students in Face to Face mode in Kolkata.

He takes classes for Accounting (both groups) and Financial Management at the IPCC levels and Financial Reporting at the Final level. Many of his students have been settle in the 1-10 positions in ICAI examinations.

He is familiar and accept for his communication skills and student-friendly approach to teaching. His two decades-long experience and techniques ensure that all students, irrespective of their academic background, feel comfortable in the classroom.

He is also familiar as one of the first few to use technology for imparting lessons to students in the last decade. In response to popular demand from students in cities other than Kolkata, he has been offering video classes to students across India for the past three years.

In Kolkata classes are record using latest available High technology and are provide to centres all across India.

The classes is design very simple that all possible queries and doubts are take up in the lectures. In case there are any such academic queries of the student. There are various means of handling the same like WhatsApp, a dedicate query portal, direct interaction with sir, etc.

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About Course – CA Inter Auditing

About – Best Teacher For Audit CA Inter ( CA Ankit Varshney )

CA Inter Audit Classes By CA Ravi Taori
CA Inter-Faculty ( CA Ravi Taori )

About Risk Management CA Final

About CA Sayali Kothari ( VSmart Academy )

Risk Management CA Final
CA Sayali Kothari

The Academy modified the entire fashion of traditional research withinside the maximum interesting & beneficial form; it has become the primary preference of college students throughout India, named “Vsmart Academy”. Academy changed into commenced with three college students in 2005 & now teaches greater than 40,000 college students each yr. For this a successful establishment, we’ve our maximum gratitude to Vsmart founding individuals CA Vishal Bhattad & Mr. Rajesh Rakesh; Chief Executive individuals Dr. Ujwal Bhattad & Mrs. Bharati Rakesh for his or her dedication, vision & non-stop contribution to creating this academy one of the pinnacle main education institutes in CA, CS, CMA expert research. We also are grateful to all our past & gift college students for his or her love & trust & in selling Vsmart for the remaining 15 years amongst newcomers.

In Vsmart, we recognize you, we recognize you examine challenges, we consider your dreams & we recognize the way to stay them up with you. Our schools recognize the way to create your hobby in a subject, the way to enhance your examination skills, the way to be your mentor for the duration of exams & the way to be a pal for the duration of your examination stress.

In Vsmart, it’s miles very crucial for us to offer you exceptional examination substances at each essential step of your examination coaching and usually be to be had for his or her doubts. Vsmart created greater than 50,000 + Professionals during the last 10 years, which includes many countrywide rankers… and the legacy is continued. Every yr we train 10000+ college students in our stay, virtual, and Online Classes.

To be a part of Vsmart education is quick & simple. We were given the excellent group to manual you. Find a route you have an interest in. Contact our Helpdesk for greater info. Contact our schools for the higher steerage you need. We are there for you.

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About The Course – CA Inter Costing

CA Inter Costing “Accounting is a business language,” says the author. This language can be use to communicate financial transactions and their outcomes.

Cost accounting and management accounting are two key accounting words that are use to control and establish the policies of a company.

Also have sharp styles and are used for different objectives. Let’s have a look at the important keys.

Cost accounting

Cost accounting deals with the calculation and pricing of costs and expenses to purchase or produce something.

It relates to calculation per unit cost using different costing techniques. (CA Inter Costing). Its primary purpose is to facilitate managers in decision making.

The following are the major functions of cost accounting:

Budgeting : In cost accounting, several budgets are created to show cost, revenue, profit, production capacity and efficiency of equipment and machinery, as well as labour efficiency also,
Because reports are not unnatural by the norms of generally accept Accounting Principles. The budget is design in a scientific and systematic manner that is typically unique to the organisation (GAAP).

For external reporting and internal profit quantification, classify and break down costs. Because reports are not unnatural through the norms of commonly accept Accounting Principles.

Management accounting

The provision of suitable information for decision-making, planning, cost control, and performance evaluation is the focus of management accounting.

Data concerning a company entity’s operations is transform into information, knowledge, and wisdom via management accounting. This goes a level beyond cost accounting.

Management accounting investigates the reasons for income or loss and the factors that have an effect on performance so that it will aid decision-making. As a result, cause and effect is an important part of management accounting.”

About (CA Inter Costing) Faculty – CA Abhishek Zaware

CA Inter Costing

CA Abhishek Zaware is a first-class commerce teacher. He is co-founder of Ekatvam academy.

Ekatvam academy is the prime destination for students aspiring to a career in Commerce. At Ekatvam, he work in unison to ensure a brighter future for students.