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What is Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation(SCMPE CA Final Classes also called CA Final Costing)?

After clearing CA Inter both groups, students enter the final level i.e CA Final. CA Final is also divided into 2 groups: Group I & Group II. Strategic Cost Management & Performance Evaluation also called CA Final Costing(SCMPE CA Final Classes) is Paper 5 in Group II exams. Students are here taught with various Strategic Cost Management tools and curriculum also used to analyze and evaluate the issues a company/organization may be facing and how to reduce a cost of a particular process and how to analyze which cost is productive & which cost has no impact on the growth of an organization.

How to study CA Final Costing(SCMPE CA Final Classes)?

  • CA Final is the last step to becoming a CA, so we cannot expect it to be very easy. Although if students give proper time & dedication to studies, it is not very difficult to pass the exams. 
  • CA Final Costing syllabus is considered very vast, and its previous question papers are considered to be very lengthy. So a proper strategy can help you to cope & get good marks in SCMPE CA Final.
  • For studies, ICAI study material is the best. But if you face difficulty in understanding the topics/ concepts, you can join any of the coaching provided by many of the good faculties.
  • For proper guidance, you can take the help of some good faculties in the industries who at regular intervals conduct FREE live sessions.
  • The subject contains both theory & practical topics, but the focus of the syllabus is basically on the concepts, so students are always advised to focus on understanding the conceptual part of the course.

Significant role of coaching for CA Final to help students to clear the exams with good scores:

Dedicated study Schedule A dedicated study schedule is a key to success. As we all know that if we are punctual in anything, we can earn it, so the same thing applies here. We need to make a TIME TABLE for studies, and we need to follow it religiously.  Regular studies with proper practice and revisions are required to pass the exams in 1 go. Practice MTPs/RTPs/Past year Question papers Once students' course is completed, they are advised to practice. Practicing shall include answering questions of MTPs, RTPs & past year question papers. This gives you a practice of writing answers in examination and also provides clear data of how much you are comprehending the course. Then comes the role of Revising the course.

Revision of Course

We shall always make a habit to mark all areas which are difficult to understand and areas that are important for examination, for future revisions. After you have completed your course and tried practicing the MTPs, RTPs & past year question papers, you shall now again open your books classes & revise all marked things again. 3 revisions before exams should be the prime aim.

Positive Attitude

We all efforts, we shall not lose hope/ positive attitude. All efforts are doubled if done with a positive attitude.

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About – Prof Mayuresh Kunkalienkar teacher of SCMPE CA Final Classes

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CA Final Falcuty (Prof Mayuresh Kunkalienkar)

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CA Final SCME Book ( Faculty CA Parag Gupta )

StudyByTech (SBT) was conceptualized to help CA students save the most precious resource – Time. We do that by converging the rigour of face-to-face classrooms with the fun of on-demand virtual classes. Our services include live and recorded classes by some of the best CA faculty across the country. Our classes run only on Android Mobile and Tablet. All you need is to download the app from the android app store now. And for iPhone lovers, you can download it from AppleStore.

CA Final Costing Book ( CA Final Best books for Self study )

The best books for CA Final SCMPE are available by India’s SCMPE best faculty- CA Parag Gupta sir.

As his classes are always consider best amongst students and are always in high demand by students, so we have started a complimentary offer for those who purchase Parag sir’s books only.
In this offer, students can now access Parag sir’s classes for 30 hours absolutely FREE, wherein they can see any topic of his choice from the full course.

About CA Parag Gupta Faculty Of CA Final SCMPE

CA Final Costing Book
CA Final SCMPE ( Faculty CA Parag Gupta )

SCMPE best faculty CA Parag Gupta is a lecturer, entrepreneur, and examiner by profession.

In the last few years, he has been as usual rated as the top lecturer for CA Final Costing SCMPE.

He has served as a lecturer at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and other private professional

institutions including Pearson, Gaap Bright, VG Learning Destination, etc.

He has also worked as an examiner and observer for ICAI.

He holds a degree in commerce from the University of Delhi and has been awarded a

Chartered Accountant degree from ICAI. He also holds a Diploma in Information Systems Audit (DISA) from ICAI.

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