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About Course – CA Final Audit

  • CA Final Audit Classes have been recognized by the Certified General Accountants Association as part of the Strategic Management – Accounting Specialist Program’s curriculum.
  • It will also be of interest to students in continuing education. Through exercises, case studies, and lectures.
  • The student will increase their ability to prepare working papers as well as recognize various auditing reports connected to financial statements.
  • Prioritization will be given to filing preparation, audit evidence review, and internal control documentation. Through solo effort, each student will build several components of an audit file.
  • The function of auditors in the economy is generally accept auditing standards, audit reports, unaudited engagements, professional ethics, and rules of conduct.
  • Audit evidence, legal liability, and internal control, as well as the audit of the transaction cycles of an organization.
  • Simply put, auditing is the process of verifying something. Because this is an extension of the auditing paper you took at an intermediate level, it’s called advanced auditing.
  • Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics is sometimes miss understanding as a theory paper; in fact, it is the most practical paper in the CA Final Audit syllabus.
  • This course not only introduces students to the concepts of auditing and ethics but also helps.
  • They develop as professionals by allowing them to apply ethical standards in the workplace.
  • Chartered Accountants are popular “Auditors”. An auditor ought to have expert knowledge of the subject and hence this paper.
  • Our fraternity is a prominent link of chains in which the nation’s economy runs.
  • Professional ethics are of utmost importance at this juncture since all CA Final Audit Classes students are just one step away from being a link to the above chain.

About – CA Final Audit Best Faculty ( CA Harshad Jaju )

CA Final Audit Classes By CA Harshad Jaju
CA Final Faculty (CA Harshad Jaju)
  • CA Harshad Jaju became one of the youngest Chartered Accountants.
  • He underwent practical training with medium and large-size CA Final Audit firms to build skills and process experiences from the overall world.
  • Exposure to various projects at a young age has made him a learned and credible professor.
  • CA Harshad Jaju is always chosen for being approachable and using the best charts and mind mapping techniques.
  • His theories are link with examples to ensure students deeply understand a subject and its working in the practical world.
  • CA Harshad Jaju has mentored students all over India. He has been a professor for, CPT, IPCC & Final levels.