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About Course – CA Final Direct Tax

  • CA Final Direct tax Classes are levied on the basis of the ability to pay principle.
  • which states that people with greater resources and a higher income must pay higher taxes.
  • The direct regulations are written in such a way that taxes become a tool for the redistribution of wealth in the country.
  • CA Final Direct taxes can The country’s supreme tax body levies DT on individuals and businesses.
  • CA Final Direct taxes are paid directly by those who are subjected to them.
  • Taxpayers, for example, pay income tax, property tax, asset tax, and gifts to the government directly. e transferred from one person or organization to another.
  • Direct taxes are levied on businesses and people, and they are completely responsible for paying them.
  • Fines and imprisonment may be imposed if taxes are not paid on time.
  • The direct tax system, which is based on brackets, may be discouraging because it charges higher taxes on people who work hard to attain a larger income.
  • As a result, people may settle and cap their productivity in order to reduce their outgoing in the face of increased taxes.
  • Indirect taxes also are a type of tax that is levied on persons indirectly when they transact on goods and services.
  • Then on a regular basis, indirect taxes are collected from retail and wholesale sellers.

About – CA Final DT Best Faculty ( CA Siddharth Surana )

CA Final Direct Tax Classes By Siddharth Surana
CA Final Faculty ( CA Siddharth Surana )
  • Prof. Siddharth N. Surana has been providing Face to Face lectures throughout the country on CA Final Direct Tax Classes.
  • His unique teaching style and his ability to connect with students have helped thousands.
  • students achieve their goals and distinguish themselves from other Professors.
  • He is also known for his humorous examples which make a teacher’s subject like Taxation extremely easy to understand.
  • In his 10+ years of teaching experience, he has taught more than 10,000 students to date.
  • His success has been the result of complete focus, dedication, hard work, enriched knowledge, and expertise.
  • An informal way of teaching, and providing a virtual guarantee for progress.
  • Also, he is one of those rare professors who conduct lectures in Hinglish & complete the English language for South Indian students.
  • He is popularly known as “TAXGURU” amongst the student fraternity.
  • He is an associate of some of the biggest coaching organizations in the country for Face to Face classes, prominent among them being: