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CA Final Direct Tax by CA Vinod Gupta

CA Final Direct Tax is levied on the basis of the ability to pay principle. which states that people with greater resources and a higher income must pay higher taxes.

The direct regulations are written in such a way that taxes become a tool for the redistribution of wealth in the country.

Direct taxes can be, The country’s supreme tax body levies direct taxes on individuals and businesses. Direct taxes are paid directly by those who are subjected to them.

Taxpayers, for example, pay income tax, property tax, asset tax, and gifts to the government directly transferred from one person or organization to another.

Direct taxes are levied on businesses and people, and they are completely responsible for paying them. Fines and imprisonment may be imposed if taxes are not pay on time.

The direct tax system, which is based on brackets, maybe discouraging because it charges higher taxes on people. who work hard to attain a larger income.

As a result, people may settle and cap their productivity in order to reduce their outgoing in the face of increased taxes.

Indirect taxes are a type of tax that is levied on persons indirectly when they transact on goods and services. On a regular basis, indirect taxes are collect from retail and wholesale sellers.

ca final direct tax

CA Vinod Gupta Sir Faculty

Ca Vinod Gupta is a chartered accountant. and, he has also awarded the best paper on taxation in ca final examination. His faculty of Direct Tax has vast experience of teaching this subject in this industry. Currently, he is teaching final students in northern India and students completely love him for his teaching style. He was faculty at Delhi for last 18 years and also the visiting faculty of ICAI.

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