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About The Course – CA Final Law

  • In any economy, laws are required for running it. Science also has certain laws for its success depends on the numerical value of these laws and their reliability exactions like science.
  • CA Final Law Classes also have certain laws since it also is a science, they are know as economic laws.
  • The way in which relationships between cause and effect are determined following the laws in science, and similarly, it is done in economics.
  • In Marshall’s words, “a science progress by increasing the number and exactness of the law”.
  • For understanding the nature of economic laws, it is important to understand the meaning of the word ‘law’ first. Like other laws of science, the economic laws also while representing the relationship between ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ demonstrate some very important laws.
  • For example, if the price of a commodity rises there is a fall in its sale, and if there is a fall in the price of a commodity its sale rises. Here the price of commodities rise and falloff prices are the ‘cause’ and the fall or rise in sales is the ‘result’.
  • The law that explains the relationship between ‘cause’ and ‘effect’ is the “Law of Demand”.

About CS N.K.Singh teacher of CA Final Law Classes

CA Final Law Classes
CA Final Faculty (CS N.K.Singh)
  • The Corporate & Economics Law is a collection of the most influential subject in CA Final in the development of the economic analysis of corporate law by CS N.K Singh Sir.
  • He uses Flow Charts and real-life case scenarios in his CA Final Law Study Material to explain the concept of the Law Syllabus.
  • His CA Final Law Pendrive Classes are easily accessible so you can start your study without wasting your time.
  • NK Sir’s knowledge and experience make him one of the best faculty for the Law New Course.
  • For the preparation of Ca Final Corporate & Economics Law you need to first prepare your mind, and in this NK Sir will help you.
  • He will tell you what and how to prepare for studies to crack the exam.
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