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About The Course : CA Final SFM Classes

The term “strategic financial management” refers to managing a company’s finances to achieve its strategic objectives.

It is a management method that develops a strategic plan using various techniques as well as financial tools.

Strategic economic control guarantees that the chosen plan is finished with a purpose to meet the desired goals.

Characteristics of Strategic Financial Management It also focuses on long-term fund management, taking into account the strategic perspective.

Also, promotes profitability, growth, long-term corporate presence and strives to increase shareholder wealth.

Overall the potential to be each fluid and structured. Also, It’s a machine it is constantly converting, adjusting and rewriting techniques to meet the organisation’s financial goals.

It entails a multifaceted and inventive approach to resolving corporate issues. CA Final SFM Classes.

They helps develop applicable strategies as well as supervise the action plans to be consistent with the business objectives.

The employs financial analysis approaches to examine factual facts using quantitative and qualitative reasoning.

Also, Makes use of financial and financial assets and cognisance at the outcomes of the planned techniques It provides solutions thru analysing troubles inside the business global.

It assists financial managers in making decisions on asset investments and asset financing.

About CA Kanwarpreet Singh Jassal (CA Final SFM Classes)

CA Final SFM Classes
CA Final SFM Classes (Faculty CA Kanwarpreet Singh Jassal)


He has an enhance relish of extra than eight years in providing understanding in the fields of SFM & FM

Throughout numerous locations along with Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore.

He has already taught larger than 12,000 students in the speciality of Finance.

At GIFFE , We value pursuit of knowledge as a vital integrant for growth.

In the present corporate scenario, knowledge empowerment is one of the best investments a student can make.

And you need to associate with an Institute which works aggressively towards simplification of the curriculum and assists the students with career mentoring

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