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About The Course: CA Final SFM

The term CA Final SFM” refers to managing a company’s finances to achieve its strategic objectives.

It is a management method that develops a strategic plan using various techniques and financial tools. Strategic financial management guarantees that the chosen plan is carried out in order to meet the desired objectives.

Characteristics of Strategic Financial Management It focuses on long-term fund management, taking into account the strategic perspective. It also promotes profitability, growth, and long-term corporate presence and strives to increase shareholder wealth.

It has the ability to be both fluid and structured. Also, It’s a system that’s always changing, adjusting, and rewriting strategies to meet the company’s financial goals.

It entails a multifaceted and inventive approach to resolving corporate issues. . It helps develop applicable strategies and supervise the action plans to be consistent with the business objectives. The employs financial analysis approaches to examine factual facts using quantitative and qualitative reasoning.

Also, Makes use of economic and economic resources and concentrates on the results of the planned methods. It provides solutions by analyzing troubles inside the business globally.

It assists financial managers in making decisions on asset investments and asset financing.

Faculty About CA Nagendra Sah

CA Final SFM
  • CA Nagendra Shah is a Chartered Accountant by profession and passed all levels of CA on the first attempt with the highest Marks in Strategic Financial Management (SFM) in CA Final.

He teaches SFM (Strategic Financial Management) to CA/CMA Final Students and Cost & FM-Eco to CA/CMA Intermediate Students.

  • His a consistent profit maker in the Stock market and got a winner’s certificate many times from reputed broker Zerodha.
  • His goal is not only to enable students to pass in CA Exam but also to provide tips and knowledge to earn money from the stock market by trading in Equity, Bond, Derivative, Currency, commodities and units of Mutual Fund.

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