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CA Sandeep Arora

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About The Course: CA Foundation Accounting

  • Principles and Practice of CA Foundation Accounts focus on providing basic conceptual knowledge of Accounting. The preparation of financial statements, computing accounting ratios and solving simple problems.
  • This paper is intended to give all of you, the upcoming chartered ‘ACCOUNTANCY’ students with strong (CA Foundation Accounts) help to enhance your studies at further levels.
  • The topics covered in this paper are, Theoretical Framework, Accounting process, bank reconciliation statements, Inventories, Depreciation. Special transactions such as consignment, Joint venture, Bills of exchange, Royalties, Average due date and account current. Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors, Partnership accounts and, Introduction to company accounts and Basic Accounting ratios.
  • The best approach to study Principles and Practice of CA Foundation Accounts. Accounting is a scoring subject at the CA Foundation level. so Practice well to score well.
  • Solve a good number of problems Understanding the concepts thoroughly helps you to solve any kind of problem. The syllabus is reasonably huge so, the only way to remember everything is by repetitive revision. Presentation is important but not as much as it was in your +2 level

About:– Best CA Foundation Faculty CA Sandeep Arora

  • CA Sandeep Arora is a speaker, writer, and consultant. He has an outstanding academic record, having received high marks in the B. Com, FICWA, FCA, DISA, AMFI, and CS exams.
  • Specializes in Direct Taxes, particularly Assessments and Search and Seizure matters. He is also an expert on non-profit organizations and deals with all practical concerns concerning them.
  • ollaborates with a variety of professional organizations, associations, and educational institutions. regularly engages in Indian and worldwide accountability and standards-setting groups.
  • He speaks frequently on trade and finance at seminars and conferences sponsored by accounting bodies, chambers of commerce, income tax authorities, and other professional organizations.
  • Also produced essays on financial accounting, auditing, and other topics.

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