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Business Economics is a study of the supply, distribution, consumption of wealth. The focus of commercial knowledge is on how well students are aware of contemporary business developments and terminology. Although this is not a key subject of the CA course, it is included to help students gain a better understanding of basic economic theories and how to use them to solve problems. It’s also critical for a professional to grasp how the economy works as a whole, and this paper encourages students to stay current in this fast-paced corporate sector.

This is not the core area of the CA course but still is included to enable students to develop an understanding of basic economic theories and application of the same in solving problems. Also, it is important that a professional always understand how the economy functions as a whole, and this paper helps to encourage students to stay updated on this fast-moving business world

Topics covered under each part are as follows

1-Business economics – Demand, Supply, Production, Cost, Price determination in different markets, Business cycles.

2-Business and Commercial knowledge – Business environment, business organization, Government policies, Organisations facilitating the business, common business terminology.

About teacher (CA Foundation Economics)

CA Foundation Economics

In conclusion, CA Prashant Sarda Is A Faculty At the Expert Professional Academy of Strategic financial management in Pune. He Is A Qualified Chartered Accountant And An Experienced Faculty. He Is Quite Famous Among The Students For His Great Style Of Teaching In An Interactive & Communicative Manner.

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