CA Inter Advance Accounting by CA Bishnu Kedia  Full Course

CA Inter Advance Accounting by CA Bishnu Kedia Full Course Claimed

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About The Course – (CA Inter Advance Accounting)

  • Advanced Accounting covers accounting operations, patterns, and mergers of public holding companies.
  • Foreign currency operations, and changing financial statements prepared in foreign and local currencies.
  • Advance Accounting CA also includes a variety of advanced financial account issues.
  • Such as lease contracts, pension funds, end-of-service severance payments, etc.

The Course contains e-learning lectures covering Advanced concepts in Accounting. In addition to detailed concepts of Company Accounts and Accounting Standards, close to 100 problems and solutions taken from the Study Material provided by ICAI, past exam papers and ICAI RTPs

About – Best Faculty For CA Inter Advance Accounting (CA Bishnu Kedia)

CA Inter Advance Accounting
CA Inter Advance Accounting (By CA Bishnu Kedia)

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