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About The Course – CA Inter Audit

  • Gaining an understanding of book research concepts and commonly accepted research methods, techniques, and skills, and the power to apply them to research and evidence.
  • Contents of Exploration Ideas: Environment, Purpose, and Area of ​​Environmental Assessment, purpose, and scope; Audit relationships with other fields.
  • Overview of the standard suspension process, with the role of the International Accounting Standards Board (IAASB) and the Audit and Accreditation Standards Board (AASB).
  • ICAI has produced Guidance Notes for Assessment Standards.
  • Also, Standards of Interaction: Qualifications of Auditor, Quality Management System (SQC 1 Quality CA Inter Audit Assurance for Companies Performing Research and Reviewing Financial History Information.
  • Other Verification, and Related Services); Ethical Requirements for Auditing of the Financial Statements.
  • Also, Audit requirements; Involvement in auditing; Cooperation and Research Principles Agreement; Responsibilities of Quality Leadership in Auditing.
  • Also, (SA 210 Compliance with the Terms of Reference of Audit); Terms of Involvement in Recurrent Audit (SA 210 Compliance with Audit Terms of Reference).
  • Threats to the Auditor-General’s Independence The concept of Independent Auditor; Material and Research Program.
  • Also, Priority Review; Priority Writing; Research Quality Assurance – Delegating and directing the audit work; Property and audit plan.
  • Also, Priority Review; Priority Writing; Total Performance (SA 320 Assets in Planning and Auditing).

About – CA Kapil Goyal (CA Inter Audit)

ca inter audit
CA Inter Faculty (CA Kapil Goyal)
  • For over 8 years CA Kapil Goyal has been working in (Assurance) and has also worked in San Francisco (USA) with KPMG LLP.
  • He owns overall experience in Internal Audit and Forensic Audit.
  • Over the years, Kapil Goyal classes have gained huge momentum.
  • His online lectures i.e. CA Kapil Goyal Pendrive classes have also been of great help to several students.
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