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About The Course – (Advance Accounting CA Inter )

  • Firstly, Advanced Accounting covers accounting operations, patterns, and mergers of public holding companies.
  • Secondly, Foreign currency operations, and changing financial statements prepared in foreign and local currencies.
  • Thirdly, CA Inter Advanced accounting also includes a variety of advanced financial accounting issues.
  • Fourthly, Such as lease contracts, pension funds, end-of-service severance payments, etc.

About – CA Praveen Sharma (Praveen Sharma classes faculty).

CA Inter-Faculty (CA Parveen Sharma)
  • Praveen Sharma Sir is currently teaching accounting at various levels of Professional Institutes and Universities and has spoken at a number of Professional Institute courses and seminars.
  • He has written research papers on a variety of topics. He is currently a consultant, academician, and well-known professional accountant teacher.
  • Since 2008, he has been working with satellite to provide classes to CA final and IPCC Level students. He is currently teaching at.
  • Satellite classes are streamed live and on-demand satellite, with students studying in approximately 160 locations across the country.
  • In Live courses, students have the unique opportunity to ask questions in class.
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