CA Foundation Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning and Statistics By Prof Kailash Thakur

CA Foundation Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning and Statistics By Prof Kailash Thakur Claimed

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About Business Mathematics Logical Reasoning and Statistics

  • Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics popularly referred to as Quantitative aptitude (Quant) is all about understanding number patterns, computations, and quantitative relationships.
  • Quant or quantitative aptitude covers three areas: Business mathematics (mathematics relevant for commerce operations) & statistics (to analyze historical data) and Logical reasoning to develop structural thinking.
  • The CA profession provides career opportunities in various areas such as accounting, finance, auditing, taxation, etc.
  • All these core subjects require a fundamental understanding of quantitative aptitude, i.e., mathematics and statistics.
  • These quant topics are not at an advanced level but at a basic level which you would have already studied at school and colleges So, this paper helps CA students to get mathematically and logically (Quant) well equipped before they move towards the next level of this course where more analytical capability will be required.
  • The best way to study Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics is to solve all of the model questions.
  • Questions and Answers from the ICAI Study Guide To save time, consider deriving the solution to the question from the offered possibilities if you’re having trouble with the standard methods.
  • Make the most of your calculator by learning shortcuts.

About Prof Kailash Thakur teacher of Maths CA Foundation

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Prof Kailash Thakur
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